How To Choose A Good Death Of A Salesman Analysis Essay Topic

Essays are popular types of written assignments. Instructors ask students to write essays frequently because it helps them develop strong writing, critical-reading, and analytical skills. Analysis essays are analytical not narrative, so students should consider different aspects of author’s argumentation and provide their own position against discussed problems. If you are given your essay topic, you do not have to spend time choosing one, but still it takes some time to narrow it down and select a specific aspect to analyze. Therefore, students often look for essay topic ideas online or in the library.

Death of a Salesman is a world famous play written by Arthur Miller in 1949. Many instructors ask their students write analysis essays on this play. Many sample essay topics are easily found on the Internet; some of the most interesting essay topic ideas are listed below.

  1. Willy’s home and his ambitions:
  2. The play tells us that Willy’s perception of his home has changed significantly. When he purchased this house, it represented sunlight, space, and his hopes for the best. The years rolled by; his chances of achieving his dreams became smaller, and then the home turned into a representation of the reduction of hope. This metaphor is interesting to analyze and explain.

  3. Fear of abandonment and its role in Willy’s life:
  4. There are many examples in the play that confirm that Willy is obsessed with trying to reach the American Dream; he is also afraid of being abandoned by his children. In fact, these fears ruined his life and made him very unhappy.

  5. Explanations of Willy and Biff for Biff’s failure to succeed:
  6. These explanations are different. Willy assured his son that he will reach the American dream, and Biff made no efforts to work hard because he took his future success as something granted. However, it was a huge mistake.

Some students consider a good idea to look through lists of suggested essay questions; some of them are:

  • Why does Willy imagine that the past is perfect?
  • Did Willy choose a right profession?
  • Why did Willy transfer his professional anxieties onto his family relationship?
  • What was the main reason why Willy rejected Charley’s job offer?
  • Why did Willy fail to realize his ambitions?
  • How can we understand that Willy failed to distinguish between being loved and being well liked?
  • Why does Willy retreat into the past?
  • Why is Willy’s quest for the American Dream similar to a religious crusade?